Connecting to Cosmic Wisdom
Aug 13-27, 2022

Uniting Heaven & Earth
May 6-17, 2018

The Way of Mary Magdalen
Oct 1-9+, 2017

The Many Vibrant Faces of India
Jan 3-20, 2017

Energizing Your Soul in Peru
Sept 17-30, 2016

Journey into the Heart of Peru
Aug 30-Sept 11, 2016

A Journey into the Mother
Aug 23-31, 2016

Walking Home on the Camino
Sept 20-30, 2015

Communing With the Cosmos in Peru
May 6–17, 2014

Ancient Mysticism of India
January 15–30, 2014

The "REAL" Peru
September 6–20, 2013

Pilgrimage to Mexico
March 20–28, 2013

Awakening to Joy Tour
July 18-30, 2012

Awakening to Joy Tour
Jungles of Peru
July 13-18, 2012

Ascension of the Light Tour
September 16-26, 2011
Lake Titicaca, Peru

Journey to the Crystal City
September 26-30, 2011
Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley, Peru

(Stand alone or extension to Ascension of the Light Tour)

Andean Awakening Tour
May 9-21, 2011
Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley
& Lake Titicaca, Peru

Energetic Mysteries of Peru
May 5-9, 2011
Pachacamac & Marcahuasi,

(Stand alone or extension to Andean Awakening Tour)


Return to Joy Tour
November 29 - December 9, 2011
Lake Titicaca, Peru

11 Day Itinerary

Day 1, November 29   ARRIVE IN LIMA and FLY TO JULIACA Today we arrive early in Lima and catch a flight to Juliaca. Overnight in Chucuito at the Taypikala Hotel.

Day 2, November 30   CHUCUITO   Our adventure is about to begin as we take some time to adjust to the altitude. Later in the afternoon, Jorge greets and welcomes us to this incredible journey. He will give us a preview of what mysteries lie ahead for us. Overnight in Chucuito at the Taypikala Hotel.

Day 3, December 1   SILLUSTANI and UMAYO ISLAND   We visit the Cemetery Temple of Sillustani, the place of a remarkable telluric force that created a small plateau from where it is possible to see Umayo Lake and the mountains. We explore the Temple of Fire and the Sun Temple to connect with the Cosmic Spiral. The veil between the worlds is thinner here than in other sites, so we continue our pilgrimage to the Chullpas (Burial Towers) which hold the secret of reincarnation.

From here, we don a fisherman's row boat and row across to Umayo Island. The mystical island of Umayo is an ecological reserve and is not generally open to visitors. This reserve protects vicunas, tarucas, guanacos and various birds on the verge of extinction. However, we have special permission to not only explore the island but to camp overnight. We end the day with great gratitude, as we watch the sun set over the lake. We settle in to the unfoldment of the mysteries of the island for the island is also considered a portal for the space brothers and sisters. Overnight on Umayo Island (camping).

Day 4, December 2   UMAYO ISLAND and CHUCUITO   As the sun comes full circle, we greet it with a special ceremony. Using the powers of the Mother Earth and the Sacred Mountains, we practice self-healing. We connect to our inner wisdom and listen for the great message within each of us that will help us shine our own personal light - for we are Lightworkers; here to be of service; here to help the planet and its people to heal. It is time we resolve any fears we have within and awaken fully to our inner wisdom and unique purpose. Overnight in Chucuito at the Taypikala Hotel.

Day 5, December 3   PUKARA TOWN and TINAJANI   We begin our day in Pukara Town—a pre-Inca site on the northwest shore of Lake Titicaca—known as the first civilized Andean culture dating from 500 BC—AD 200. It provides valuable insight into the origins of the Andean highland civilization. Among its impressive monolithic sculptures sits a sunken temple where we connect with the Womb of the Mother and give our offerings to Mother Earth. Later, we continue to Tinajani Canyon, a place which reminds us of Sedona marked by powerful ley lines and red sandstone formations. The stone formations provide messages to help us understand our world by accessing the Akashic Records and connecting us to the warrior within. Here we will pitch our tents and tap into the high frequency of the energy while conducting our “sky watch” . Overnight in Tinajani Canyon (camping).

Day 6, December 4   TINAJANI and PUNO   After greeting Father Sun, we return to Chucuito via the Pukara handicraft/pottery market. Besides the ruins we visited yesterday, Pukara is known for its vibrant pottery-making tradition passed down from generation to generation. The history of the culture is told in the pottery. Overnight in Chucuito at the Taypikala Hotel.

Day 7, December 5   MOLLOCO and ARAMU MURU   On our way to Aramu Muru portal, we stop at the Chullpas of Molloco—an ancient burial ground for the Lupaka (pre-Incan) culture. These are some of the first chullpas of the region, and only recently have been under archeological study. Located on the slopes of Mount Molloco, archeologists have discovered ten pre-Hispanic chullpas and 20 underground cists that indicate a strong connection to the Inca civilization. Few outsiders have been to this area, but we forge ahead, investigating the area while learning Exercises of Liberation... something all souls need to know.

From Molloco, we continue our journey to Alayu Marka—the house of the ancient Spirits and Masters. After paying tribute to the Puma and walking along the great Serpent's back, we make our way to the Condor at the Interdimensional Gateway of Lord Aramu Muru—also known as the dimensional doorway of the Ancient Ones, This gateway was not known for many years until Jorge saw it in a dream. He went to his elders who told him he had a sacred responsibility to re-discover this place...and so he did! We have a special ceremony to help us connect with the vortex energy and venture through the portal to other dimensions and worlds.

We set up camp and wait for the setting sun when we light the bonfire to welcome the Ancient Ones and the new day. Here we await the wisdom and power to be bestowed upon us by some very special guests! Overnight at the Door of Aramu Muru (camping).

Day 8, December 6   ARAMU MURU to CHUCUITO   We awake just in time to greet the Equinox with a special sunrise ceremony. We share our interdimensional travels and take some time to integrate our new wisdom and power. I wonder at what level we will be vibrating after this experience!!! We return to Lake Titicaca to sail on the reed boats of the people of the Uros giving us time to bask in our new vibration and dream about our sacred purpose as Lightworkers. Overnight in Chucuito at the Taypikala Hotel.

Day 9, December 7   CHARCAS and COPAMAY & AYMARA TEMPLES   Today we find ourselves on the beach of Charcas in the midst of the very important water element. We learn about the uses of this element and engage in a special Ceremony of Water so we can fully grasp and utilize this special element.

From here, we go to Copamaya—a high place above Lake Titicaca—to explore an ancient place where massive cosmic forces meet. Carved in a massive stone formation are three alters dedicated to the Three Worlds—the underworld, middle world and upper world. This is a place where the ancients healed the sick and harvested the powerful forces of nature for spiritual transformation. So, we will line up our superior and inferior bodies in relation to the Three Worlds in order to see our gifts of Munay, Llancay and Yachay (love, wisdom and service). Overnight in Chucuito at the Taypikala Hotel.

Day 10, December 8   CHUCUITO   Our last day at Lake Titicaca is spent in service with Jorge's special Dream Pillow project. We learn from the innocence of children as they draw their dreams on their pillow so at night the energetic forces are put to work to “ dream” their dream world into existence. Because of their innocence and purity, children have many of the answers we are seeking—what is our role in this world; how can we help ourselves; how can we help others; so listen carefully to the wisdom of the children! We then walk the labyrinth contemplating where we go from here.

Day 11, December 9   CHUCUITO to LIMA or CUSCO   We transfer to the airport in Juliaca to fly to Lima to connect with our international flights.