Connecting to Cosmic Wisdom
Aug 13-27, 2022

Uniting Heaven & Earth
May 6-17, 2018

The Way of Mary Magdalen
Oct 1-9+, 2017

The Many Vibrant Faces of India
Jan 3-20, 2017

Energizing Your Soul in Peru
Sept 17-30, 2016

Journey into the Heart of Peru
Aug 30-Sept 11, 2016

A Journey into the Mother
Aug 23-31, 2016

Walking Home on the Camino
Sept 20-30, 2015

Communing With the Cosmos in Peru
May 6–17, 2014

Ancient Mysticism of India
January 15–30, 2014

The "REAL" Peru
September 6–20, 2013

Pilgrimage to Mexico
March 20–28, 2013

Awakening to Joy Tour
July 18-30, 2012

Awakening to Joy Tour
Jungles of Peru
July 13-18, 2012

Return to Joy Tour
Nov. 29 - Dec. 9, 2011
Lake Titicaca, Peru

Ascension of the Light Tour
September 16-26, 2011
Lake Titicaca, Peru

Journey to the Crystal City
September 26-30, 2011
Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley, Peru

(Stand alone or extension to Ascension of the Light Tour)

Andean Awakening Tour
May 9-21, 2011
Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley
& Lake Titicaca, Peru

(Stand alone or extension to Andean Awakening Tour)


Energetic Mysteries of Peru
May 5-9, 2011
Pachacamac & Marcahuasi,

(Stand alone or extension to the Andean Awakening Tour.)

5-Day (4-Night) Itinerary

Day 1, May 5 ARRIVE IN LIMA   Arrive in Lima and Transfer to the Hotel.

Day 2, May 6 PACHACAMAC   Our first day in Peru!! After breakfast, we visit the Larco Museum to receive a historical overview of the 3000 years of the development of pre-Columbian Peru in preparation for our visit to the archaeological site of Pachacamac. In the Quechua language, "Pachacamac" means "The One who Animates the World". This site was considered one of the most important religious centers of the indigenous peoples of the central Andes. Here we will explore the pyramids and see pachamama and pachacamac. We will experience the sacred space and the magic of this time. After having lunch in the pueblo of Pachacamac, we will climb the "Hill Tita" and participate in an initiation ceremony. Then back to Lima for the night. (B,L)

Day 3, May 7 SAN PEDRO DE CASTA   We leave Lima by bus to San Pedro de Casta; the small pueblo below Marcahuasi. Here we meet with the local people and have a reception with their authorities who speak with us about the mystical and sacred place known as Marcahuasi. We spend the night in San Pedro de Casta and prepare for our early morning departure to Marcahuasi. (B,L,D)

Day 4, May 8 MARCAHUASI   Rise at dawn to hike to Marcahuasi where we explore all day the monolithic sculptures that sit upon the unique mountain top; geologically unlike any of the surrounding Andes. Daniel Ruzo, in his book "Marcahuasi: The Story of a Fantastic Discovery" describes the incredible, complex story of Marcahuasi; of its monuments that repeat the same sacred symbols found in Mexico, Brazil, Lake Titicaca, Peru, England, Egypt, Rumania and Australia. These monuments mark the entrance to caves and caverns that saved our humanity during times of great catastrophes. It is here we will experience some of the 22 energy vortexes which make up three distinct types of energy and conclude with a ceremony in the Highlands at the foot of the Great Lord of heights. We will bid farewell to Marcahuasi in the afternoon and return to San Pedro de Casta for the night. (B,L,D)

Day 5, May 9 SAN PEDRO DE CASTA to LIMA   Return to Lima for a special tour that allows us to see how the ancestors have influenced our present life. We learn from our ancestors how to live a life full of magic wherever and whenever. Our day is finished by a very special and traditional Andean ritual of Pachamanca at the home of Doctora Angela. Pachamanca is an Incan method of cooking where the dish is buried and cooked over hot stones for 2-3 hours. It is a way to pay homage to Pachamama (mother Earth) and Apu Inti (sun god). We enjoy our evening with Angela's beautiful Peruvian family; blending the Nations of the world into One. With this celebration, we complete this portion of our journey. At the end of the evening, we go to the hotel by the airport and meet up with the rest of our group to start the Andean Awakening tour. (B,L)

Energetic Mysteries of Peru
May 5-9, 2011
Pachacamac & Marcahuasi,

Our Spiritual Guide – Doctora Angela Brocker

Doctora Angela Brocker, a very special friend of mine, will be leading the 5-day/4-night extension tour. It promises to be a fabulous add-on to an already incredible journey!

Doctora Angela was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, until age 18 when she felt a pull to explore the American continent from the very north to the very south. It was a call of sorts...a call by the South American ancient culture. She settled in Peru where she married a Peruvian man and gave birth to three children.

Angela decided to study medicine and completed her studies in Mexico. When she returned to Peru, she couldn't imagine, nor would her conscious allow, working as a doctor in the conventional medical system. Someone asked her why, and she answered: "Birth and death are the two natural events we all go through; it is not humankind to go to a hospital for that. The beginning and the end of life has to be done at home, with health and in the company of our beloved ones. Then we will understand again what is life - good life - on our earth."

Spirit answered these words and some days later a woman called her to attend her home birth. That was in 1995 and it was the beginning of her actual work in Pakarii - "casa de nacimiento" - the house of birth. (

To Angela, conventional medicine is very limited in how it handles two natural stages of life - birth and death. She found that in the indigenous cultures there is a natural relation to all kind of life and also to the beginning and the end of life. In the Andean and Amazon cosmovision about life, there is no fear around the spirits and the spirit world. This resonated with her and pulled her deeper into the indigenous ways. She had the great honor to learn more going through different initiations like medicine ceremony, vision quest, sundance, moonlodge and sweatlodge.

Now Angela works in an integrated manner with the ancient and the modern medicine. She feels "we all come from a spirit world and we go back there. We all live in this world - this present time and space - and everything inside and outside is alive, everything has a spirit. The stone, the mountain, the river, the air ... all are our sisters and brothers; the sun is our father, the earth is our mother; the fire is our grandfather and the moon is our grandmother. So we can speak with them and we can learn from them. If we are open to listen then we can enter the sacred world and walk a sacred path."

Join Doctora Angela and I on an extended journey into your sacred world and discover your Oneness with the Universe!