No other place on Earth rings of divinity more than India. Sages, philosophers and spiritual leaders have been called to India for over 4,000 years to find sanctuary and enlightenment.

As the home of spirituality, it is a land rich in spiritual heritage and cultural diversity. It is only fitting that Divine Adventures escorts you on a mystical journey to the birthplace of the inner world where the ancient meets the present moment!

Ancient Mysticism of India pilgrimage takes you to some very special places, exposing you to religions, philosophies, rituals, history and cultures that flourish and prosper in this land that nourishes freedom of belief and harmonic living.

On this Divine Adventure, January 15-31, 2014, journey with the “Original Indian*” - Shilpi Dandavati - and I, Junia Imel, to some of the Earth’s most magical places and famed spiritual centers. Shilpi, a native of India, is eager to share her homeland with you! Even though Shilpi left her native land many years ago for the US, she returns to her roots often and shares a unique perspective from the eyes of a world citizen.

Join us and specialized guides on this Divine Adventure of a lifetime to your inner and outer worlds!