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Uniting Heaven & Earth
May 6-17, 2018

The Way of Mary Magdalen
Oct 1-9+, 2017

The Many Vibrant Faces of India
Jan 3-20, 2017

Energizing Your Soul in Peru
Sept 17-30, 2016

Journey into the Heart of Peru
Aug 30-Sept 11, 2016

A Journey into the Mother
Aug 23-31, 2016

Walking Home on the Camino
Sept 20-30, 2015

Communing With the Cosmos in Peru
May 6–17, 2014

Ancient Mysticism of India
January 15–30, 2014

The "REAL" Peru
September 6–20, 2013

Pilgrimage to Mexico
March 20–28, 2013

Awakening to Joy Tour
July 18-30, 2012

Awakening to Joy Tour
Jungles of Peru
July 13-18, 2012

Return to Joy Tour
Nov. 29 - Dec. 9, 2011
Lake Titicaca, Peru

Ascension of the Light Tour
September 16-26, 2011
Lake Titicaca, Peru

Journey to the Crystal City
September 26-30, 2011
Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley, Peru

(Stand alone or extension to Ascension of the Light Tour)

Andean Awakening Tour
May 9-21, 2011
Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley
& Lake Titicaca, Peru

Energetic Mysteries of Peru
May 5-9, 2011
Pachacamac & Marcahuasi,

(Stand alone or extension to Andean Awakening Tour)


Connecting to Cosmic Wisdom
Aug 13-27, 2022

~In Mystical Peru~

Dr Patty Luckenbach, Junia Imel
& Jorge Luis Delgado

Are you feeling connected to who you are? To your roots and ancestors? To your intuition and internal guidance system? Are you being called to deepen your connection to yourself and the Universe?

In the early 2000s, I was caught up in the chaos of life and felt lost and disconnected from myself and my tribe. Why was I here? I knew there had to be a greater purpose for me than to aimlessly go through life. Does that sound familiar? As I worked to reconnect to my intuition, I was guided to do a solo journey to Peru. Crazy, right?! Well, it took me some time to summon my courage, break through my fears and follow the call, but it was the best and most transformational decision I have ever made in my life!

Dr Patty Luckenbach joined me in 2011 for her own personal transformational journey. It was so good that she has continued to join me every couple of years to share our love and joy of Peru with others. We have found traveling with like-minded people has enhanced our journey beyond measure. So, won’t you join us for the Connecting to Cosmic Wisdom in Mystical Peru tour August 13 - August 27, 2022?

Peru is the perfect place to re-connect or heighten our connection. Why? Because Peru is:

Why is this Divine Adventure a rare and unique experience not to be missed? We are:

Now is the time! Travel with us on this exclusive journey where shifts and activations to new levels of awareness occur – to a world acknowledged by many, including the Dalai Lama, as the new spiritual energy center of our planet. Together we explore our depths, rediscover our essence and build a bridge to our inner world. This adventure is more than a travelogue; it is a journey into who you are; who you are becoming; and a voyage into your soul! The Cosmic Wisdom is ready for you! Are you ready?

Join me and two amazing friends and spiritual guides – Jorge Luis Delgado and Dr. Patty Luckenbach – in the powerful, mystical Andes August 13-August 27, 2022. Jorge, a great spiritual teacher, author and chacaruna; and Dr. Patty, a spiritual beacon whose connection and dedication to our Mother Earth and indigenous cultures is unsurpassed; embody and live integrated lives. In the Inca tradition, there is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds. Jorge and Dr Patty are experts at walking the path between both worlds. Together, we intentionally guide you on this path to Connect to Cosmic Wisdom.