Are you committed to your higher evolution?

Are you willing to access the light within your being?

Are you prepared to step through the portal of light?


This Divine Adventure to Peru is a journey into the luminescence of our Divine essence. Peru, through its majestic mountains, mysterious jungles, expansive night skies and transparent rivers, radiates and mirrors the divine light, the magic, and the power residing in each sentient being. Peru, in all its glorious nature, assists us in returning to our true nature where we rediscover our inner home and our inner truth.

Now is the time to awaken, remember, and surrender to the light! Just as many great mystics have done, we are meant to ascend and transcend through our physical form into the light. Peru, being a true spiritual hub of light and divine manifestations, is the perfect place for our Quickening into the Light journey. With the support of Peru’s light-giving love and heightened frequency, we transform into our Divine light essence where only clarity and truth remain!

Become the Light!

Quickening into the Light!

With Jorge Luis Delgado, Christina Jones,
& Junia Imel

Quickening into the Light

~In Sacred Peru~

Itinerary: Nov 5-17, 2024

Day 1, Nov 5

Today we arrive in Lima, spending the night in a hotel near the Pacific Ocean in the beautiful Miraflores area to prepare for our morning flight to Cusco. Most flights arrive late at night, so this sleep night might feel rather short.

Before you go to sleep, set an intention to ‘sleep fast and well, waking refreshed and energized’ for we have quite an adventure in store for us! If you’d like to arrive a day earlier to have time to rest and enjoy Miraflores, let us know. That can easily be arranged!

Overnight in Lima. (No Meals)

Day 2, Nov 6

In the morning, we transfer to the Lima airport to catch our flight to Cusco to begin our exploration of the sacred ‘Inkan’ Peru. The Inkas considered Cusco the Naval of the Universe and Center of the Inkan Empire! What a powerful place to begin our journey of rebirthing the light within us all. Our hearts open wide allowing our soul to prepare for our next steps that allow us to ascend into the wonderment of the new light!

At the Cusco airport, we are greeted and transferred to our ‘home away from home’ nestled in the Sacred Valley near Urubamba. On our way, we stop at Urco – the place of the serpent. The serpent is one of the power animals of the Incas. It is the one that guards the underworld and teaches us to release all that no longer serves us in one fell swoop! It is here that we ask the serpent to help us shed whatever is keeping our Divine light from illuminating the world! What a great way to start our journey into the light!

As we leave our ‘old skins’ behind, we continue to our special sanctuary on the sacred Urubamba River. We take some time to shed our travel dust as we get settled and relax into this amazing, peaceful, and POWERFUL haven.

After a little rest, we gather for our Welcome Dinner and opening fire ceremony. We usher in the new light as we burn away any residue blocking our path of transcendence. We connect with the Spirits of the Land and receive their blessings for a spectacular journey!

We conclude our day with gratitude and focus our attention on our intentions. Take careful note of the dreams that come your way! Perhaps an elder or Wisdom Keeper will visit and bestow upon you some ancient wisdom! You don’t want to miss anything!

Overnight in Urubamba at the Taypikala Hotel. (B, D)

Day 3, Nov 7

This morning our inner light rouses us out of our slumber. It becomes stronger each day as our connection with Father Sun, the Apus (mountains) and other living spirits of the Andes deepens.

After a relaxing breakfast, we venture to the sacred terraces of Moray and Maras. In Moray, we find three sets of huge natural depressions that have been sculpted into deep terraces. Since there is a large difference in temperature from the top to the bottom, different climatic conditions exist affecting the crops on each terrace. Thus, it is believed these terraces served as an Inca agricultural experiment station. However, as Jorge says, this is only ONE aspect! He will shed light on other possibilities!

For us, these circles represent the Cosmic Spiral - the expansion of our essence from our center. We work with Earth energy to connect to the womb of Mother Earth, to release our Hucha (heavy energy) and one-by-one to put our message into the Cosmos to live fully in this life emanating our light.

Below Moray are the Maras Salt Terraces where the Incas cleverly built terraces to capture the flow of a salty spring that emerges from the hillside. During the dry season, the water evaporates, leaving salt that can be harvested and sold. Salt is considered the great neutralizer. It can help cleanse, heal, and balance energy while repelling negative vibrations. Besides acting as a potent purifier, salt can help attract positive energy and aid in manifestation.

As the light is reflected across the terraces and refracted by the salt crystals, the effect is quite stunning – reminding us of our unique light inside that is spilling out into the world lighting a path for those to come. So, we use this time surrounded by sacred salt to boost our manifestations and reflect our inner light.

Overnight in Urubamba at the Taypikala Hotel. (B, D)

Day 4, Nov 8

After a peaceful sleep, we awaken to the beckoning call of the sacred Urubamba River cascading through the valley. As the mountains surrounding us expose themselves to the morning sun, we begin our own unveiling process.

Today, we travel to the Incan Altar Ñaupa Iglesia to explore our divinity. This is a magical site built seamlessly into a large cave. The name, Ñaupa, adds to its mystery as it is a mixture of Quechua and Spanish translating to ‘Old Church’. It is here within the palpable energy at the Temple of Gold or Church of the Ancients, that we ask the spirit world to help us manifest our dreams and nurture our soul’s connection.

Ñaupa Iglesia is near the town of Ollantaytambo which is our next stop on our journey. It is strategically built on a mountainside that dominates three valleys, which merge at this point. The town appears to have been master planned – evidenced by the architectural style and layout of its streets and squares, the design of its water and sewage systems and the use of massive polyhedral stones and trapezoidal doorways each cut perfectly to fit and withstand any natural disaster.

Overlooking Ollantaytambo is Viracocha – the great creator god in Inkan mythology. According to legend, Viracocha rose from the darkness to bring forth light and breathed life into stones to make mankind. Here we greet and talk with the spirits of the mountains (Apus) using the 'Mama Cuca' (coca leaves) to send our intentions from our inner Sun to the spiritual world. Later, as we load our train to Aguas Calientes, Viracocha casts his light upon us and blesses our ride through the valley!

And so, we continue our journey to Aguas Calientes on a scenic train that takes us closer to our destination – the famous ‘Crystal City’ of the Incas – Machu Picchu!! We arrive late afternoon as the sun begins its decent behind the mountains to prepare for our exquisite sunrise ceremony in Machu Picchu.

After settling into our hotel, we gather for a nutritious evening meal and share our adventures into the light.

Overnight in Aguas Calientes at the Taypikala Machu Picchu Hotel. (B, D)

Day 5, Nov 9

Before sunrise, we enter ‘the Lost City of the Inkas’ for a spectacular ceremonial meeting with Father Sun as he rises above the mountaintop and greets us with his brilliant light. We participate in a special sunrise celebration and receive the first light into our hearts; merging our energies with this sacred site and deepening our understanding of who we are as Children of the Sun. We definitely are feeling the quickening of the Light now!

As we complete our sunrise ceremony, Machu Picchu beckons us to go deeper and embody its true essence. Our timing is perfect as Father Sun reveals the sacredness of this Seventh Wonder of the World. With great anticipation, we ask permission of the guardians of Machu Picchu – the Puma, Condor and Light of Spirits – to enter the sacred city. We ask to expand our spirits with the qualities of the Father and the Mother – Munay (love), Llancay (service), and Yachay (wisdom).

Upon entering deeper into this Wonder of the World, we sense the vibrant community, which by embodying these qualities, could thrive high above the river valley below. Soon we know, without a doubt, why it is included in this prestigious list of world wonders!

We continue to explore the Seven Places of Power and sense the energetic intensity of Machu Picchu. Every invocation made at Machu Picchu is amplified to incalculable proportions due to the stone complex's high voltage magnetic focal point. So, be sure and express fully your intentions of expressing your light! For today, they have the additional magnetism of the full moon and lunar eclipse.

Later, we return to Aguas Calientes for a free ‘as you like it’ afternoon and evening to rest, shop, explore, journal, or….. What does your heart yearn for?

Overnight in Aguas Calientes at the Taypikala Machu Picchu Hotel. (B)

Day 6, Nov 10

Today, Pachamama beckons us on another adventure! Following her insistence, we follow the railroad tracks along the Vilcanota River to the spectacular Mandor Gardens and Falls. We know we are close when we enter the cloud forest, and our senses are tantalized by a vast array of indigenous flora and fauna. Our ears are suddenly filled by the sound of cascading water as the path opens to a 12-meter-high waterfall fed by the sacred peak of Yanantin. It is here we learn to see with different eyes!

Later, we return to Aguas Calientes and catch our train and bus back to Urubamba taking time to reflect on the great wonders we just experienced.

Overnight in Urubamba at the Taypikala Hotel (B, D)

Day 7, Nov 11

We are really getting off the beaten path today as we take a scenic drive to a relatively new site in the Rainbow Mountain Range called the ‘Cordillera Arco Iris’ or Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain where we can see three of the mountains that are colored with the seven colors of the rainbow. The color is due to the unprecedented coloring in the sediments of this part of the high Andes. For spectacular views of the range, we can take a short, easy hike (about 30-45 minutes and ~ 300 feet in elevation gain) up Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain. Here, the Vilcanote Mountain range stretches out in front of us with a breath-taking view of the snow-capped sacred Asangate mountain!

In addition, we pass a forest of stones comprised of rocky ‘stone’ peaks formed naturally by the rain and wind. The rock forest with its huge rocky peaks resembles a geological labyrinth. Take some time to walk around the Stone Spirits and listen intently to what messages they have for you. For in the Incan Cosmology, EVERYTHING is alive!

Overnight in Urubamba at the Taypikala Hotel (B, L)

Day 8, Nov 12

Early this morning, we leave the Sacred Valley for Lake Titicaca. Prepare yourself for a spectacular drive as we travel up and across the highest road in Peru! We watch the scenery change as we near the High Plateau and Puno.

Along our way, we venture to Tinajani Canyon to meet additional spirits important to the Inkan culture. Marked by powerful ley lines, Tinajani Canyon is a unique and majestic canyon featuring enormous red rock formations scattered among traditional alpaca farms.

The meaning of Tinajani is the result of the word ‘Tinaja’ which means vessel and the plural Quechua word ‘ni’. So, the canyon would be an enclosure of stone ‘pitchers’ through which runs the water that hundreds of years ago covered this entire area. It is a product of the geomorphological changes suffered by the planet where a million years ago there would have been large glaciers with the presence of volcanic activity. Exposure to the elements such as wind, hail, snow, and rain has sculpted these volcanic rocks into awe-inspiring and dominating shapes of the ‘stone’ people. This imposing place also presents pre-Columbian chullpas, puya forests and an amphitheater. And, if we time is right, maybe our friend will share his personal sanctuary hidden within the rocks…a special place that ushers in the light that illuminates all it touches!

If there is time, we visit Pukará – a pre-Inka archaeological site on the northwest shore of Lake Titicaca. It is known as the first civilized Andean culture dating from 500 BC – AD 200. It provides valuable insight into the origins of the Andean highland civilization. Among its impressive monolithic sculptures sits a sunken temple where we connect with the Womb of the Mother and give our offerings to Mother Earth.

In the late afternoon, we arrive in Chucuito and take some time to adjust to the altitude and prepare for our adventure in Lake Titicaca.

With an elevation of 12,500 feet, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world straddling the border of Peru and Bolivia. And according to Incan lore, it is the birthplace of the Incas, whose spirits return to their origin in the Lake upon death. Is your soul feeling their call? Are you ready for their wisdom?

Overnight in Chucuito (near Puno) at the Taypikala Lago Hotel. (B, L)

Day 9, Nov 13

Then, as the sun comes full circle, we use the powers of Mother Earth and Father Sky to connect to our inner wisdom and listen for the great message within each of us that helps us shine our own personal light - to be of service; to help the planet and its people to heal. It is time we resolve any fears we have within and awaken fully to our inner wisdom and unique purpose.

After connecting to and grounding our inner light, we are on our way to Molloco and Willka Uta. The Chullpas of Molloco is an ancient burial ground for the Lupaka (pre-Incan) culture. These are some of the first chullpas of the region, and only recently have been under archeological study. Located on the slopes of Mount Molloco, archeologists have discovered ten pre-Hispanic chullpas and 20 underground cists that indicate a strong connection to the Inca civilization. Few outsiders have been to this area, but we forge ahead, investigating the area while experiencing Exercises of Liberation…something all souls need to know.

This prepares us for the powerful energy of the Interdimensional Gateway of Lord Aramu Muru. The Aramu Muru Portal, also known as Alayu Marka or Willka Uta, is the house of the ancient Spirits and Masters. It is the dimensional doorway of the Ancient Ones! After paying tribute to the Puma and walking along the great Serpent’s back, we make our way to the Condor at the Aramu Muru Doorway.

This gateway was not known for many years until Jorge saw it in a dream. He went to his elders who told him he had a sacred responsibility to re-discover this place...and so he did! We have a special ceremony to help us connect with the vortex energy and venture through the portal to other dimensions and worlds.

As with everything in Peru, we need to remember there are many aspects to every holy place!

Overnight in Chucuito at the Taypikala Lago Hotel. (B, Picnic L)

Day 10, Nov 14

No trip is complete without experiencing some time gliding across the magical waters of Lake Titicaca, so today we set out for the islands of Taquile and Uros. The Island of Taquile is the place of the retreat of the Solar Disc. It has several Inka ruins as well as a unique lifestyle. They run their society based on community collectivism and on the Inka moral code of ama sua, ama llulla, and ama qhilla (Quechua for “do not steal, do not lie, do not be lazy”). Every islander shares the responsibilities and the rewards.

For most of the residents, spinning yarn and weaving intricate patterns thousands of years old are as important to everyday life as farming and cooking – with most of the knitting being done by the men!

Here we have an opportunity to play with Mama Cocha – the Incan goddess of the sea and fishes, wife of Viracocha, and mother of Inti and Mama Quilla. We dance and play with her as the residents prepare a traditional lunch for us on the picturesque shores of Lake Titicaca!

The Uros are floating islands, home to the pre-Inkan Uros tribe. These islands are manmade constructed totally from the totora reeds. These special reeds provide home, sustenance, and transportation for their residents. Here, guided by the Uros, we sail on their reed boats - taking time to bask in our divineness and dream our sacred lives into existence.

According to legends, the Uros ‘existed before the sun, when the earth was still dark and cold. They were impervious to drowning or being struck by lightning. They lost their status as super beings when they disobeyed universal order and mixed with humans, making them susceptible to contempt. They scattered, losing their identity, language and customs. They became the Uro-Aymaras, and now speak Aymara. Because of their simple and precarious lifestyle, the Inkas thought them worth little and accordingly taxed them very little. Yet the Uros, with their basic reed homes out lasted the mighty Inkas with their huge stone temples and mountaintop enclaves’.

Overnight in Chucuito at the Taypikala Lago Hotel. (B, L)

Day 11, Nov 15

This is another day in paradise as we awaken to all the sensations of Mother Earth. She beckons us to surrender back to our true nature for ‘nature is our nature’! She calls our souls to the purifying essence of the natural elements present in our sanctuary – water, fire, earth and air. We connect and play with these elements, returning to our child-like nature of joy, love and freedom.

Surrounded by beauty and peace, we feel alive and rejuvenated! We take time to relax into the powerful energy and light that is Lake Titicaca before we venture to other off-the-beaten path places - the Altars of the Light of Inka Camaña and Pre-Inka Crop Circles.

At the Altars of Light of Inka Camaña, the local Children of the Light know that this is the place that the Inkas celebrate the light of day and the sacred Lake. These altars face the sunrise and between the sunrise and the altars sits the sacred Lake. Every day as the sun rises it reflects its brilliance off the lake and onto the sacred altars. The Inkans planned everything according to the laws of the Universe including their sacred sites!

The Pre-Inka Crop Circles possibly were created due to an ancient agricultural process called Waru Warn (in Quechua). Channels of water were dug around three sides of a land mass upon which crops were grown. These Waru Warus were built to capture the sun’s rays and the water of the Lake to keep the plants warm and irrigated. To awakened souls, though, we see the sacred geometry design – the ‘eye of the Mother’ open to the Cosmos always transmitting the sacred Rays of light.

We return to our ‘home away from home’ where tonight we are graced with the Super Beaver Full Moon! This special moon illuminates us as we celebrate our spectacular journey and the evolution of light in our new lives!

Overnight in Chucuito (near Puno) at the Taypikala Lago Hotel. (B, D)

Day 12, Nov 16

Take your time to pack and say your personal goodbyes to this sacred place that has reawakened you to life in its purest natural form! Embrace your light, wonder and awe as Peru, with all its glorious treasures successfully assisted us in rediscovering our inner home and the inner truth of our light!

Later, we have a closing ceremony to conclude our sacred journey before traveling to Juliaca airport to catch our flight to Lima where we connect with our international flights home.

NOTE: An optional box lunch can be ordered in the morning to take on the bus to the airport.

Overnight on your international flight (B)

Day 13, Nov 17

Depending upon your international flight, you should arrive home today!


Our Transformational Guides and Leaders

Jorge Luis Delgado
In the Inka tradition, there is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds, and Jorge Luis Delgado is an expert at walking this path between both worlds. In Quechua, he is a Chacaruna, a ‘bridge person’, who assists others to move from one state of consciousness to another.

Born to an Aymara healer, Jorge Luis received his early training from the Kallawaya shamans of the NE Lake Titicaca region, the lineage of the wise ones of the Andes, and from the Q’ero elders of Cusco, who are the last remaining tribal descendants of the Inkas. He is a wisdom keeper of this ancient and powerful knowledge and enjoys sharing it with whoever is ready.

As the author of Andean Awakening: An Inka Guide to Mystical Peru, Sabiduria Inka (in Spanish) or Inka Wisdom: Return to Joy (in English) and his latest book, Machu Picchu: The City of the Children of the Sun, Jorge Luis is recognized worldwide as an authority on Inka philosophy, spirituality, and tradition. In Andean Awakening, he describes his own journey of awakening and packs this personal narrative with fascinating details about Peru, its history, culture, mythos, and magic!

Jorge Luis has shared his wisdom throughout North, South and Central America as well as Europe and Asia. He was featured in the BBC documentary, Everyman, interviewed for various episodes of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens documentaries and is frequently interviewed on Peruvian television. Since 2007, Jorge Luis has hosted many gatherings and global conferences of world wisdom keepers in Peru and throughout the world. Every year he organizes special workshops with international and national speakers. Jorge Luis has hosted and remains in contact with such notable people as Don Miguel Ruiz, Bo Bingham (grandson of Hiram Bingham), and David Childress, author of the Lost Cities Series. Periodically, he teaches at New Your City’s Omega Holistic Institute and the New York Open Center. Even through the pandemic, Jorge Luis continued to share his knowledge and wisdom through webinars.

Jorge Luis also located and brought to the public’s attention Willka Uta (also known as the Aramu Muru Doorway) – an inter-dimensional portal located in the Hayu Marca Mountains in south Peru. After seeing this portal in a recurring dream, his spiritual teachers encouraged him to find the original site.

Jorge Luis is a way-shower for this current 10th Pachacuti – the current time period when the world appears to be turned upside down. He teaches that a new consciousness is emerging – one leading to a Golden Age – that was fully activated in 2012. As keeper of this ancient knowledge, Jorge Luis uses it to assist in healing all who are ready and shares it with the world to support the dream that it is time for humanity to awaken and live fully in love, peace and oneness. This is an extraordinary time to be alive!

Jorge Luis Delgado is the founder and owner of Kontiki Tour Company and owner of hotels in Cusco, Urubamba, Lake Titicaca, and Machu Picchu. Most importantly, Jorge is known and respected by the Andean priests and indigenous people of the region. In addition to his native Spanish, Jorge speaks fluent English as well as three indigenous languages. He and his wife have three children/one grandchild and reside in Lima and Puno, Peru.

We are honored to be guided by Jorge Luis Delgado, one of the foremost spiritual guides in all of Peru.

Christina Jones
Christina K. Jones is a certified spiritual counselor, intuitive coach and healer, nutritionist, motivational speaker, and author. From New Orleans, Louisiana, she was born into a powerful, seven-generation lineage of intuitive, spiritual healers and guides. Through the metaphysical and spiritual guidance of these powerful ancestors, she inherited many gifts that she shares with her clients and now is taking out into the world. By combining her innate gifts from her ancestors with her formal engineering training and diverse certifications, she uniquely bridges the gap between the spiritual and the scientific making her an extraordinary spiritual guide, intuitive coach and healer, speaker and author.

As a child, Christina dreamt of visiting Machu Picchu. She posted a picture of Machu Picchu on her wall and would often find herself lost in the depths of the picture. She told her Mother, “I will go there one day” and her Mother responded “Yes, you will!” Thus, her vision of traveling to Peru was cemented in her subconscious and in 2013, it manifested!

It was then that her husband saw a flier about a group trip to Peru and knowing her childhood longing, he knew she was supposed to go! Even though they didn’t have the finances to support such a trip, he looked through her eyes and into her soul, encouraging her to move through her lack consciousness and find a way to go. She did go and her mind, heart, soul and finances were changed in miraculous ways! She knew she could no longer ignore her life’s calling!

Christina believes that we are standing at the precipice of a worldwide shift in consciousness and that each of us have an important role to play. This evolutionary shift in consciousness requires us to fully awaken to the Divine light that lives within us. We need to say YES to our unique and individualized Divine light and emit it brightly back into this world. Isn’t it time for each of us to remember and embody our pure potential and light so we can help create a quantum leap in consciousness that will create the world we always dreamt of? A world of love, joy and light is our Divine right!

Christina said YES and is committed to assist all sentient beings during this evolution of the quickening of the light! Through utilizing her ancestral intuitive gifts and decades of metaphysical studies, she is the perfect guide to compassionately support us during this process. She is here to assist us in remembering and recalling the pure potential divine light - a spark of goodness and power that lives in everyone through love, joy, and light.

As founder of the Divine Feminine Evolution organization (, she supports the development of the Divine Feminine within each of us during this new light of evolutionary consciousness. When you agree to commit to Peru, your life will shift into the Divine Light you were born to resonate on planet Earth.

Christina currently lives in the magical mountains of Colorado with her husband and furry friends.

Christina: A healing emissary of light for herself and the world.

Junia Imel

Junia Imel is the owner and operator of Divine Adventures. She is considered a premier tour advisor for divine journeys around the world. She earned this designation when she began creating magical divine adventures for others after her own journey to learn to live her life as a Divine Adventure.

In 2002, Junia Imel took a quantum leap. She left her MBA degree and successful twenty-five year leadership career in advanced technology and education to discover the world from a new perspective — her own intuitive awareness. Courageously following an inner call, she spent 6 months traveling solo in Peru where she was invited into ritual with the Q’ero, Shipibo and medicine men/women. There she spent time studying with indigenous shamans, curanderas, spiritual guides and mystics. Her life was changed forever…

During her first trip to South America, Junia participated in the Merrayabo Tsintikash Jiwiki Bewakani Ritual Ceremony – a ritual to heal the master plants of the world - conducted by Shipibo-Conibo shamans. The shamans bestowed upon her, her Shipibo name “Inin Beka” which means ‘sweet smelling protective cloth.’ Since that moment, she opened to the calling and has become a master of holding sacred space so others can journey within; safely and fully protected.

And now she has merged her love of adventure and her natural leadership into a unique travel experience called, Divine Adventures. Here one journeys to inner and outer worlds to unleash innate wisdom and genius. She leads sacred journeys for groups or individuals into various places of Peru including Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca and Amazon as well as other sacred places around the world such as India, Mexico, France, Spain, Guatemala, Ecuador, Thailand, Cambodia (etc). She is planning other exquisite trips in the future that combine service with personal expansion and transformation.



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