Are you ready to shine your light?

Are you willing to answer the call of your soul and take the next step on your evolutionary shift?

And are you prepared to become a Wayshower of the New Earth Energies?

Then, join Junia Imel and Shauna Kalicki for a transformative spiritual journey to majestic Mount Shasta, California. Here, we'll be guided by the wisdom of Ascended Masters and the radiant energy and healing powers of the sacred sites. Step between the realms and open to the magic!

Experience with us:

When we raise our collective vibration and reimagine the world from the higher perspectives of love and unity, we begin to live from oneness rather than separation and from love rather than fear.

If this resonates with you, then accept this sacred invitation and join an intimate group of spiritual Wayshowers in Mount Shasta who are willing to anchor these New Earth energies within Mother Earth and our communities. Small steps create great shifts! We make a difference…

Awaken your Radiance is more than just a retreat; it is an 8-day immersive experience that will ignite the fire of purpose within you, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to steward in the New Earth for yourself and others so we can all joyfully thrive!

Join us in Mount Shasta and Ignite the Shift!

Limited space - so reserve your spot today!


Awaken Your Radiance:

A Transformative Sojourn

to Mount Shasta

August 20-27, 2024

Here is what you can expect during our sacred sojourn:

Journey to Telos’ Shamanic Drumming Circle:

Follow the trance-inducing beat of the drum on a guided journey into the magic of Telos – the inter-dimensional city within Mount Shasta. As we journey, the shift begins in us by releasing and healing all the parts which do not serve us anymore. We feel the love in our hearts, recognize the divine in All and wake up to consciously create our life journey.

Purify our Energies at Mossbrae Falls:

Come and experience the breathtaking beauty and power of the falls. The air is charged with negative ions for us to bathe in, purify and heal. The negative ions are known to increase our serotonin levels allowing our minds and bodies to relax and ease into the serenity of Mount Shasta’s mystic.

Meet the Masters at Ascension Rock:

Listen to the energies speak to us at Ascension Rock as there is a special presence here. As we take time to stop, breathe and connect to the ascended masters that reside in this intense and beautiful energy, we remember this mountain is considered the root chakra of the planet and a portal with unique and powerful vortexes. Let’s see what magic lies behind the veil.

Dip into the Sacramento Headwaters:

At the headwaters of the Sacramento River is a living spring where we can purify, cleanse, and align. This sacred water contains a special alchemy called liquid ormus (liquid gold) that holds the blueprint for the original life force that gave birth to life on Mother Earth. It emerges from the heart of the mountain untouched by human emotions and is sacred because of its purity. As we collect this living water, we honor the life force energy of our Mother and express our gratitude.

Enjoy an 11:11 Meditation Session:

On a special day we convene at the powerful time of 11:11 with Sophie and Wayne at Heart Light for a time of introspection setting our intentions for truth, purity, freedom, and harmony. After we embrace our inner light, we joyfully share this with each other and those we draw to us as we explore the quaint downtown of Mount Shasta.

Offer our Gratitude at Heart Lake:

To reveal the gorgeous panoramic views of Mount Shasta, we climb to Heart Lake. The increasing vastness of views inspire and uplift us, giving us a sense that anything is possible. As we meditate and open our High Hearts at the glassy-still reflection pool, we give voice to what we appreciate and love and send this energy into our Mother and the world.

Clear our Minds, Body, and Soul at Castle Lake:

Castle Lake is a pure crystalline lake formed by glaciers 10,000 years ago. Above the lake, we see the beautiful spires of the Castle Crags State Park Wilderness Area. While we reflect and contemplate the serene energy and the crystal-clear waters, we experience the purification and clearing of our mind and emotional bodies. Release! It is a truly invigorating spot, full of fresh air and refreshing cold waters of clarity.

Walk the Ley Lines of Mother Earth at Castle Crags:

Castle Crags is a living library to a parallel timeline of an ancient civilization. Some believe Castle Crags along with Mount Shasta are part of the lost continent of Lemuria (MU). The stones here are record keepers of the resonance when the Earth and all life only knew the purity of peace and the perfection and harmony of connectedness. Accessing this gateway is as close as remembering that everything is connected from the sacred heart. We slowly walk the serpent/Kundalini lines of Mother Earth's body to access the sacred planetary nodal points and send our loving intentions into the crystalline grid of our global home.

Birth our Divine Feminine at Hedge Creek Falls:

The Hedge Creek Falls’ cliffs are formed of ancient hexagonal basalt columns flanking the creek. These pillars are known to ground sacred energy and create a feeling of a womb-like cavern, evocative of the Divine Feminine, and a feeling of oneness with the water elementals.

Connect with the Multidimensional Energies in Panther Meadows:

Panther Meadows is one of the most ancient outdoor temple sites on Mount Shasta. The upper spring is called the ‘mouth of god’ and the lower spring is considered the heart of Mount Shasta. In this meadow, reach out to the tall people from inside the mountain as well as gnomes, faeries, and elementals. It is also known as a site to witness spaceships. Experience the other-worldly energy and call in the Meadow Guardians that can help support our transformation and purification unlocking unknown places within.
* It is important for us to follow the Meadow Guardians message to tread lightly in this delicate ecosystem and honor this sacred temple!

Cross the Threshold into the Inner-Earth at Pluto's Cave:

Pluto’s Cave is an inner-Earth gateway residing on active ley lines. It’s known for its pyramidal buttes and etheric temples with mysterious intense energy. Legend says there is a spirit guardian who stands at the entrance near the fire pit under the first overhang. As we descend to the lower middle cave, we return to the womb of Mother Earth where we can access the energies of resurrection and rebirth. We are prepared to open to the sacred quest of releasing the 3D illusions and birthing our own 5D reality.

Immerse ourselves in a Sacred Cacao and Fire Ceremony:

We close our sacred retreat with a Cacao and Fire Ceremony. This spiritual ritual facilitates connection, healing, and self-exploration as we burn away what no longer serves our psyche and draw in a more heart-centered life. As we journey home, we embody the teachings and the wisdom of this sojourn and embrace our role as a Wayshower of the New Earth energies!

Become a Wayshower of the New Earth! Join Junia Imel and Shauna Kalicki for the:

Awaken Your Radiance:

A Transformative Sojourn

to Mount Shasta

August 20-27, 2024

Limited space - so reserve your spot today!


Our Transformational Guides and Leaders

Shauna Kalicki

Shauna is a Channel, a certified Empowerment Coach, a Sacred Pipe Carrier, and a Ceremonialist. She channels Cerian (a collective of 16th dimensional beings), Ethereal Autists, and Ascended Masters. As a contributor to the newly released book by Alex Marcoux, “Destination New Earth-A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness”, her channeling was instrumental in bringing to light the wisdom set forth in the book.

Shauna has traveled deep into the jungles of Peru, the temples of Bali, caves and castles of France and the mountains of Switzerland to open her energetic body to the frequencies of the Masters. These travels awakened her innate abilities to channel the wisdom of multidimensional beings to help in the evolution of humanity. Applying the Sophic energies of the High Heart and the energies of the ancient Lemurians, she is awakening individuals to their life purpose and assisting Gaia in her ascension into 5D Consciousness.

This has been a lifelong quest for Shauna. Little did she know that this circuitous route she has been on for over 40 years would lead to the actualization of her life’s purpose during this critical time in humanity's awakening.

As a lightworker, Shauna is dedicated to those wanting to embrace the magnificence of the nature of their True Self. She is excited to share the incredible Magic and Wonder of being a Spark of Light in human form.

Junia Imel

In 2002, Junia took a quantum leap. Courageously she followed an inner calling to travel solo in Peru. During her eight months traveling, she was invited into ritual with the Peruvian Q’ero, Shipibo and medicine men and women. She spent time studying with these indigenous shamans, curanderas, spiritual guides and mystics and her life was changed forever…

During this first trip to South America, the shamans bestowed upon her, the Shipibo name “Inin Beka” which means ‘sweet smelling protective cloth.’ Since then, she opened herself to her calling and became a master of holding sacred space so others can journey safely and fully protected.

Now she merges her love of adventure with her natural leadership abilities to create a unique travel experience called, Divine Adventures. Junia guides groups and individuals to sacred sites around the world such as: Egypt, India, Mexico, France, Spain, Peru and within the USA. With her guidance, people journey to new dimensions in these sacred sites to unleash their innate wisdom and brilliance to awaken to their life desires and manifest their dreams. She offers Divine Adventures that combine service with personal expansion and transformation.



Price of Tour

Price per Person in US dollars for the 8 DAY / 7 NIGHT Journey:

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: $2,600 before April 29; Price increases to $2,900 April 30, 2024 (Cash Price) (+3.6% for Credit Card)

SINGLE Supplement: If available, is at an additional cost. Contact Junia if interested.

Limited space - so reserve your spot today!

(NOTE: Price includes land journey within Mount Shasta. Transportation to and from your home city to Mount Shasta IS NOT included.)

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Limited space - so reserve your spot today!


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