Bernadette Slowey, Christy Belz,
Jorge Luis Delgado & Junia Imel

Are you exhausted, overworked and feeling overwhelmed? Is life moving so fast you cannot keep up? Are you yearning to live life more fully but feel stuck? As a result, you feel anxious about your future but can't find the clarity or courage to change it. Do you crave down time to enjoy life and pamper yourself but feel guilty that you should take care of everyone else first? Life, technology, work, kids, and family issues take their toll on powerhouse women. Even after taking care of it all, do you feel unheard, not seen and under-appreciated? I don't know about you, but I am tired. Isn't it time to ignite what is burning inside you to live a life by design rather than a life by default?

It IS TIME to CHOOSE YOU and gift yourself the freedom to reconnect, revitalize and refresh your mind, body and spirit!

Join us - transformation coach and filmmaker Bernadette Slowey of Burning JourneysTM; spiritual teacher and empowerment coach Christy Belz of Empowerment Coaching; and world renown Peruvian shaman Jorge Luis Delgado - on a sacred sojourn to retreat and renew in the mystical, magical land of Peru. Take time to relax and soak in paradise at the beautiful 5-star hotel nestled in Sacred Valley next to the tranquil Urubamba River. Snuggle up to the divine Mama Pacha – Mother Earth – and be nurtured by her healing powers. Celebrate your femininity and personal power under Mama Quilla – Mother Moon – as she showers you with her moon energy during an ancient Incan ceremony. Let go, as you are expertly supported and guided on this journey back to your true self.

Once refueled, follow the Sacred Valley to the new Seventh Wonder of the World - Machu Picchu – where the energy is amplified to incalculable proportions facilitating the embodiment of all that is YOU! Under the rising sun and a cascading waterfall, your inner voice is restored and your personal power and divine essence fully awakened. Life takes on a clarity like never before.

After this time out, you return home with renewed energy, a clear life vision and aligned with your true, authentic self .... ready to fly high in 2018. The world is waiting for you! Are you ready to hit the reset button and celebrate YOU?


Retreat & Renew

~On a Sojourn to Peru~

Itinerary: February 1-10, 2018

Thursday, February 1

Today we arrive in Lima, spending the night in a charming airport hotel to prepare for our morning flight to Cusco. Most flights arrive late at night, so this sleep night might feel rather short. Before you go to sleep, set an intention to ‘sleep fast and well, waking refreshed and energized’!

Overnight in Lima. (No Meals)

Friday, February 2

In the morning, we transfer to the Lima airport to catch our flight to Cusco to begin our sojourn in Peru. The Incas consider Cusco the Naval of the Universe and Center of the Incan Empire! What a powerful place to begin our journey!

In Cusco, we are greeted and transferred to our ‘home away from home’ in Urubamba. After a light lunch, we take a little rest and then meet with Jorge Luis Delgado for an Opening Ceremony that opens our heart and prepares our soul for a journey of cleansing, healing and alignment.

We conclude our first day in Peru with gratitude and a special Andean Welcome dinner.

Overnight in Urubamba at the Taypikala Hotel. (B, L, D)

Saturday, February 3

After a peaceful sleep, we awaken to the beckoning call of the sacred Urubamba River cascading through the valley. As the mountains surrounding us expose themselves to the morning sun, we begin our own unveiling process through Incan ritual and guided practices.

This unveiling process may reveal things in our lives that no longer serve us. So, calling upon Incan wisdom to aid us in our clearing, we venture to Urco to connect with the first power animal of the Incas – the serpent. It is here that Peruvian shaman, chacaruna Jorge Luis Delgado sprinkles our extraordinary sojourn with ancient Incan rituals and ceremonies.

Urco is the place of the snake – the one that guards the underworld and teaches us to release all that no longer serves us in one fell swoop! What a great way to start our journey!

Overnight in Urubamba at the Taypikala Hotel. (B, D)

Sunday, February 4

As the sun rises, we feel lighter and refreshed, ready to open and heal. We find ourselves in paradise where Mother Earth beckons us to surrender back to our true nature! She calls our souls to the purifying essence of the natural elements present in our retreat center – water, fire, earth and air. We connect and play with these elements, returning to our child-like nature of joy, love and freedom. As we play, any remaining ‘hucha’ or heavy energy that is clouding our vision is gently gifted back to dear Mama Pacha, Mother Earth.

Surrounded by beauty and peace, we spend time today in relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation. We pamper our bodies with fabulously healthy food, optional spa treatments, meditation, movement and journaling.

At the perfect moment, Bernadette and Christy continue to guide us on the journey to re-boot our lives with clarity and purpose. They awaken our ‘burning journey’ for this life and empower us to step into our greatness!

As the sun begins its slow decent, we anchor our greatness at the Inca Altar, Ñaupa Iglesia. Here at the Temple of Gold or Church of the Ancients, we ask the spirit world to help us manifest our ‘burning journey’ and nurture our souls.

Overnight in Urubamba at the Taypikala Hotel. (B, D)

Monday, February 5

As the new day dawns, so does our new life! Something new is stirring in our soul! Our true essence is awakened and our authentic self oversees the creation of the next stage of our lives!

With the help of the powerful light of Mama Quilla (Mother Moon), whatever is going on within our body, mind and spirit is illuminated providing us with an opportunity to ‘see’ clearer and choose a ‘fresh start’. As Mama Quilla (Mother Moon) bathes us in her light, she encourages us to connect with our intuitive feminine side to reflect, recharge and reassess where we are and where we are going in life. With her brilliant light nourishing our souls, we launch into our greatness and manifest our goals with clarity and purpose! As in the Incan tradition, we begin to weave the new fabric of our life and create a life well lived!

Overnight in Urubamba at the Taypikala Hotel. (B, Late Lunch)

Tuesday, February 6

Today we catch a scenic train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes to continue our sojourn to the famous ‘Crystal City’ of the Incas - Machu Picchu! We arrive mid-morning and after settling into our hotel and enjoying a nutritious lunch, we board the bus that snakes up the mountain to Machu Picchu – the citadel in the sky.

Our timing is perfect as the morning crowds are dissipating leaving us to fully embody the sacredness of this Seven Wonder of the World. With great anticipation, we ask permission of the guardians of Machu Picchu – the Puma, Condor and Light of Spirits – to enter the sacred city. We ask to expand our spirits with the qualities of the Father and the Mother – Munay (love), Llancay (service), and Yachay (wisdom).

Upon entering this Wonder of the World, we sense the vibrant community, which by embodying these qualities, could thrive high above the river valley below. Soon we know, without a doubt, why it is included in this prestigious list of world wonders!

After a special heart awakening entrance, we explore the Seven Places of Power and intertwine meditation and ceremonies to connect us fully to the energetic power of Machu Picchu. Every invocation made at Machu Picchu is amplified to incalculable proportions due to the stone complex's high voltage magnetic focal point. So, be sure and express fully the revitalized and empowered you!

Overnight in Aguas Calientes at the Taypikala Machu Picchu Hotel.
(B, L)

Wednesday, February 7

Very early this morning we return to Machu Picchu and wait for the sun to rise. As we receive the first light into our hearts, we merge our energies with this sacred site and deepen our understanding of who we are as Children of the Sun.

Enjoy the rest of the morning following your intuition and exploring at your own pace. You may want to climb the sacred peak of Wayna Picchu, hike to the Temple of the Moon, walk to the Sun Gate or Inca Bridge or further explore the Royal Tomb, the Funerary Rock, the Sacred Plaza, the Condor Temple or the Inihuatana Stone.

By 12 PM, exit the Park and return to Aguas Calientes to rest, go to the hot springs, have a massage or shop. Then join the group for a special dinner to celebrate all that has filled our hearts!

Overnight in Aguas Calientes at the Taypikala Machu Picchu Hotel. (B, D)

Thursday, February 8

After a good night’s sleep, we follow the railroad tracks along the Vilcanota River to the spectacular Mandor Gardens and Falls. We know we are close when we enter the cloud forest and our senses are tantalized by a vast array of indigenous flora and fauna. Suddenly, our ears are filled by the sound of cascading water as the path opens to a 12-meter high waterfall fed by the sacred peak of Yanantin, It is here we learn to see with different eyes!

Later, we return to Aguas Calientes and catch our train and bus back to Urubamba taking time to reflect on the great wonders we just experienced.

Overnight in Urubamba at the Taypikala Hotel (B, D)

Friday, February 9

Back in our Sacred Valley sanctuary, we greet Father Sun and wake our body with a little movement and meditation, then follow the sacred Urubamba River to Pisac, the place of an Incan citadel. The ancient cities of Pisac and Ollantaytambo were strategically important in the Sacred Valley due to their agricultural, economic, military, spiritual and political roots. Today we explore the old city of Pisac and experience the Mercado de Treque (local’s trade market).

Pisac comes from the word Pisaca meaning ‘partridge’. Partridges live in this area of Peru and can be seen flying at dusk. Interestingly, the narrow agricultural terraces resemble the wings of a partridge! Here we take flight and begin to see the bigger picture of our lives as we soar above the picturesque valley.

Later as we wander through Pisac’s Market, we see the locals trade vegetables, herbs and potatoes for other goods like matches, oranges and medicines and are transported back in time to when the Incan ancestors in the highlands depended on trade.

This market is also an artesian market where we can practice haggling for Peruvian goods such as woven blankets, silver jewelry, alpaca sweaters, musical instruments, artwork and other goods.

Overnight in Urubamba at the Taypikala Hotel (B, D)

Saturday, February 10

Our last morning in Peru is spent in reflection, gratitude and sharing! How has your life been rebooted and revitalized? And, with the revitalized and empowered YOU, what ‘burning journey’ are you taking home to continue manifesting?

In the afternoon, we go to the airport and fly to Lima where we connect with our international flights home. Even though we part and go our separate ways, we are forever bonded and supported on this journey of life!

Our wish for you is that with all the powerful energies this sojourn brought into our hearts, that you choose to embody a NEW LIFE – an EMPOWERED LIFE – a DIVINE LIFE! Live it as the Divine Adventure it is!!!

En Munay, from our hearts to yours!

Bernadette, Christy & Junia

Overnight on your International Airline. (B)

NOTE: Depending upon your flight schedule, you should arrive home on Saturday, December 9.


Our Workshop Leaders and Spiritual Guides

Bernadette Slowey
In 2009, Bernadette Slowey took a leap of faith and followed her heart. The difficult transition of abruptly leaving a successful corporate career during an economic downturn would send this career-driven professional on a quest of self-discovery and ultimately, transformation.

Through serendipity, Bernadette’s personal transformation was unexpectedly captured on film while doing a film project in India where she traveled with spiritual teachers on a quest to explore difficult transitions. Little did she know the camera was to be turned on herself as she confronted some difficult times in her own life. This ultimately led to the creation of the award-winning feature length documentary Berni’s Journey in which Bernadette directed, produced, co-wrote and starred.

Bernadette’s vulnerability and openness about her journey empowers others to share their own stories. Finding that we are all connected through the human experience and have similar desires, Bernadette created Burning JourneysTM coaching and retreats to assist others as a guide on the ride for personal transformations.

The filmmaking process continued to parallel Bernadette’s life experience. During post-production, Bernadette realized that not only was she the Director of the movie, but she was in fact the Director of her life. What began as a documentary project with Berni’s Journey had become a parable. Bernadette’s on-screen transformation resonated with audiences and inspired awareness of their own “burning journey”. The film became a metaphor for living life as a movie with each of us being the main character. Her passion is to partner with people to become intentional creators of their own lives.

In addition to transformation coaching, Bernadette is a TEDx speaker and is one of the TV hosts of Wake Up!™, a nationally syndicated morning show. She is a certified yoga instructor and is currently writing a memoir. Prior to her encore career, Bernadette had a 20-year corporate career as a bank executive.

Since evacuating from Saigon in 1975, Bernadette lived in Tehran, Iran during the anti-Shah revolution in the late ’70’s. With some intermittent moves throughout Nebraska during her childhood, her family moved to Colorado in 1984. She lives in Denver with her husband and two sons.


Christy Belz
Christy's passion lives in the empowerment of you, both personally and professionally. She is gifted at seeing you as a whole person, discerning, uncovering and helping to resolve the underlying issues that can keep you stuck.

Her own varied life events, her many years as a spiritual seeker, and her distinctive blend of non-profit, sales, marketing and leadership expertise have given Christy a unique opportunity to see a broad scope of human experiences and transformations and a special ability to powerfully support you in your own situations.

Gifted at understanding people and helping them overcome obstacles in order to succeed, Christy consistently demonstrates her comprehensive understanding of what it takes to move people towards authentic self-expression while lessening negative repetitive patterns of thought or behavior, which in turn allows greater productivity, sustainability and personal freedom. Christy’s commitment and unique expertise continues to help change the lives of many for the better.

Christy’s specialties include:

Christy holds both a Bachelors (BSW) and Masters of Social Work (MSW).


Jorge Luis Delgado

In the Inca tradition, there is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds, and Jorge Luis Delgado is expert at walking this path connecting both worlds. In Quechua, he is a Chacaruna, a ‘bridge person’, who assists others to move from one state of consciousness to another.

Born to an Aymara healer, Jorge received his early training from the Kallawaya shamans of the NE Lake Titicaca region, the lineage of the wise ones of the Andes, and from the Q’ero elders of Cusco, who are the last remaining tribal descendents of the Incas. He is a wisdom keeper of this ancient and powerful knowledge and enjoys sharing it with whoever is ready.

Author of Andean Awakening: an Inca Guide to Mystical Peru, Jorge is recognized worldwide as an authority on Inca philosophy, spirituality and tradition. He describes his own journey of awakening and packs this personal narrative with fascinating details about Peru, its history culture, mythos and magic!

He was featured in the BBC documentary, Everyman, and is frequently interviewed on Peruvian television. Jorge hosted the Second Elders Gathering at Lake Titicaca in March 2007 and the Activation of the Solar Disc gathering at Lake Titicaca in 2010. He led a conference at Mt. Shasta in November 2010 to bring the energy of the Solar Disc Activation fully into North America. Additionally, he has hosted the global conferences: 11-11-11; The Portal to A New Time, The Portal to a New Dawn: 12-12-12; The Good Neighbor in the Cosmos in 2014; and most recently, The Eagle and the Condor in the Light Festival. Every year he organizes special workshops with international and national speakers.

Jorge has offered workshops in North, South and Central America, as well as Europe. He teaches periodically at New York City's Omega Holistic Institute and at the New York Open Center. Jorge has been interviewed for various episodes of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens documentaries airing since late 2010.

Jorge located and brought to the public’s attention the Aramu Muru Doorway, an inter-dimensional portal located in the Hayu Marca Mountains in south Peru. He is also a founding member of The Brotherhood of the Solar Disc, an Andean esoteric society. Jorge is way-shower for this 10th Pachacuti – this current time when the world is being turned upside down. He teaches that a new consciousness is emerging, one leading to a Golden Age that was fully activated in 2012. As keeper of this ancient knowledge, Jorge uses it to assist in healing for all who are ready and shares it with the world to support the dream that it is time for humanity to awaken and live fully in love, peace and oneness. He believes it is an extraordinary time to be alive!

Jorge Luis Delgado is the founder and owner of Kontiki Tour Company and owner of hotels in Cusco, Urubamba, Lake Titicaca, and Machu Picchu. Most importantly, Jorge is known and respected by the Andean priests and indigenous people of the region. In addition to his native Spanish, Jorge speaks fluent English, as well as three indigenous languages. He has a vast collection of antique textiles and artifacts, which he displays in all his hotels. Jorge has hosted and remains in contact with such notable people as Don Miguel Ruiz, Bo Bingham (grandson of Hiram Bingham), and David Childress, author of the Lost Cities Series. Jorge and his wife have three children and resides in Puno, Peru.

We are honored to be led by Jorge Luis Delgado, one of the foremost spiritual guides in all of Peru, on this sacred pilgrimage to the Heart of Peru . . . the new heart center of our planet. With Jorge, help us bridge cultures and activate the ancient dream of the return of the Children of the Sun.

Junia Gail Imel
Junia Gail Imel is the owner and operator of Divine Adventures. She is considered a premier tour advisor for divine journeys around the world. She earned this designation when she began creating magical divine adventures for others after her own journey to learn to live her life as a Divine Adventure.

In 2002, Junia took a quantum leap. She left her MBA degree and successful twenty-five year leadership career in advanced technology and education to discover the world from a new perspective — her own intuitive awareness. Courageously following an inner call, she spent 6 months traveling solo in Peru where she was invited into ritual with the Q’ero, Shipibo and medicine men/women. There she spent time studying with indigenous shamans, curanderas, spiritual guides and mystics. Her life was changed forever. . .

During her first trip to South America, Junia participated in the Merrayabo Tsintikash Jiwiki Bewakani Ritual Ceremony - a ritual to heal the master plants of the world - conducted by Shipibo-Conibo shamans. The shamans bestowed upon her, her Shipibo name "Inin Beka" which means 'sweet smelling protective cloth.' Since that moment, she opened to the calling and has become a master of holding sacred space so others can journey within; safely and fully protected.

And now she has merged her love of adventure and her natural leadership into a unique travel experience called, Divine Adventures. Here one journeys to inner and outer worlds to unleash innate wisdom and genius. She leads sacred journeys for groups or individuals into various places of Peru including Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca and Amazon as well as other sacred places around the world. She is planning other exquisite trips in the future that combine service with personal expansion and transformation. (


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Single Supplement: ADD $625

(NOTE: Price includes land journey within Peru and Intra-Peru flights RT Lima – Cusco*. International flights to and from your home city to Lima, Peru ARE NOT included.)

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